How to Use The Squeeze Momentum Indicator

The Squeeze Momentum Indicator, often known as TTM Squeeze, is a volatility and momentum indicator developed by John Carter of Trade the Markets (now Simpler Trading) that takes advantage of the tendency for price to burst out forcefully after consolidating in a narrow trading range. Squeeze Momentum identifies periods when volatility increases or decreases, or … Read more

Heikin Ashi Trading Strategy: The Complete Guide

The Heikin Ashi chart is a method for seeing price action with greater clarity and less “noise.” Because its calculation is based on the average price pace. As a result, the potential to notice market movements clearly and eventually better estimate future prices is provided. The Heikin Ashi is dependable in that it enables traders … Read more

List of 10 to 50 Pips a Day Forex Strategy for Day Traders

In forex trading, strategy is essential. Before you even look at the chart, you want to know when to open and close your trades. You set yourself up for failure without a plan. There are various tactics, and they all function differently depending on the situation, just as with any other business effort. For forex … Read more

All You Need to Know About Overbought and Oversold Indicators

When an asset hits an overbought level, it signifies that price has moved extremely upward from the point where a reversal is likely. In contrast, the oversold level denotes a potential turning point following a strong bearish pressure on the market. In any instance, extreme bullish or bearish price swings on an asset are a … Read more