Alla Traders Bot Step by Step Guide

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1. Download the trading bot file here

2. Open your MT5, click “File” at the top menu bar, and click “Open Data Folder”

3. After the folder is opened, click “MQL5” folder, after that, click “Experts” folder, lastly click “Advisors” folder. You’ll the reach the folder where trading bot is stored in MT5. Copy AllaTraders-Ea-2.ex5 file to this folder.

4. Close the folder and restart your MT5. Click “View” at the top menu bar, and click “Strategy Tester”

5. Strategy Tester Tab will open at the bottom of MT5. Click “Single”

6. Follow the setting below. Make sure the starting date is 2021.02.16 ( , this is due to the available historical data. You can choose the current date as the end date.

7. Click “Start” and the bottom right corner. In the “Graph” tab, the trading graph is empty for awhile because MT5 need to download and prepare the historical data. You’ll see the graph start updating when it backtest the Trading Bot.

8. After the backtest is finished, you can see the result on the “Backtest” tab

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